The Silver and Stone Shop in Castleton

Treak Cliff Cavern Gift Shop and the Silver and Stone Shop, Castleton

As well as our online store we also have two “bricks and mortar” shops.

Our first has been running for years and is the popular Gift Shop within the main Visitors’ Centre – it’s also the home of the famous Blue John Dragon.

Our most recent venture is The Silver and Stone Shop in Castleton itself which also serves as the online web-sales office and new silversmith service.

Treak Cliff Cavern Gift Shop

The Gift Shop in the Visitors’ Centre offers a wide range of items, all with a Treak Cliff Cavern, Blue John or geological theme.

Most of the jewellery and Blue John ornaments is made in our own workshops by master craftsmen and women who have spent years honing their skills.

Pocket-money items include small fossils, gemstones and our new activity book and Treak Cliff Dragon comic book.

Exclusive Jewellery available in the gift shop

Exclusive Jewellery

Exclusive jewellery made by our own craftsmen.

Pocket Money Specials

Pocket Money Specials

Inexpensive items for all ages and budgets including our new activity Book and Treak Cliff Cavern comic book!

Old mining artefacts in the Treak Museum


A wide range of Blue John specimens from our own mines along with fascinating crystals, rocks and fossils from around the world.

The Stone and Silver Shop, Castleton

Opening times: 10am – 4pm daily (includes Saturday and Sunday).

The Silver and Stone Shop sells Blue John Stone jewellery, specimens and ornaments as well as rocks, minerals and crystals from around the world.

The Silver and Stone Shop is a little off the beaten path but is only a couple of minute’s walk from the main road though Castleton. If you click the Google icon at the bottom left of the map you can get door-to-door directions.

Our address is The Silver and Stone Shop, Goosehill Bridge, The Stones, Castleton S33 8WX.

You can reach us by phone on 01433 424120 or email us

The silver and stone Shop in Castleton

The Silver and Stone Shop today.

The Silver and Stone Shop, Castleton, S33 8WX.

Postal Address

The Silver and Stone Shop,
Goosehill Bridge,
The Stones,
S33 8WX.


Tel: 01433 424120 



Although the Silver and Stone Shop in Castleton is new to us, it does have its own sense of place which is entwined with Castleton’s history.

The odd-shaped building was probably built in the mid-1800s and over the years has been home to a number of businesses.

The building next door was a gift shop/museum in the past and is part of the Blue John Tradition.

John Tym who ran the business was a “spar manufacturer”, the term used for those who worked Blue John stone. On his travels he would collect various natural history specimens and these were included in his Spar Marble Museum.

He is also remembered for creating a window from 250 Blue John Pieces, measuring 6ft x 3ft, probably in the workshop here. It took him 7 years to complete.

He died in 1901 aged 72.

The Silver and Stone Shop in Castleton at the turn of the 19th century

The Silver and Stone Shop in the early 1900s.

Tym's Spar & Marble Museum, Castleton Historical Society

Tym’s Spar & Marble Museum (Castleton Historical Society)

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