Montage of photos from inside Treak Cliff Cavern

Enter an Ancient, Underground World in the Heart of the Peak District National Park

Let our expert guides take you on a journey through millions of year of geological history and wonder. See the famous “Stork” – the result of hundreds of thousands of years of flowstone deposits, stalagmites and stalactites, the Witch’s Cave, Aladdin’s Cave with its wonderful multicoloured flowstone and much more – you might even see some bats!

Each tour takes around 50 minutes and your audio guide (on your own Smartphone) will be with you every step of the way. You’re free to take photos at any time and you can even bring your dog, as long as it’s on a lead.

Read more about some of what you can see on the guided tour below.

Price of admission and opening times can be seen here at the foot of the page and you can book online here.


The main throughway at the Visitor Centre

Old Mining Techniques

The original miners had to do everything by hand!

Dogs are welcome at Treak Cliff Cavern

Blue John Deposits

Raw Blue John deposits can be seen in the walls and ceilings of the cavern.

Treak Cliff Cavern Gift shop


Fossils can seen in the ceilings throughout the caves.

Learn how miners in the 1750’s constructed a tunnel using only hand tools to reach the Blue John Stone deposits which you’ll see inside the hill.

You’ll be able to see veins of Blue John across the roof along with “The Pillar,” the largest piece ever found.

Fossils are embedded in the limestone rock which formed the hillside above you 330 million years ago, examples of which can also be seen in the museum.

In the Witch’s Cave are even richer deposits of Blue John Stone and as you descend even deeper into the hill where you will experience the wonder of underground limestone cave formations.

Multi-coloured flowstone adorns the walls of Aladdin’s Cave. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate Fairyland and the Dream Cave.

Treak Cliff Cavern Gift shop

The most famous formation is “The Stork” standing on one leg! During your tour the guide will explain where Blue John Stone came from, how rushing water made the caverns and how stalactites are formed.

When you finally emerge from the cavern the first thing you’ll see is a stunning view of the valley which includes Castleton, Mam Tor and Peveril Castle. The sudden contrast between this and the cavern makes the view seem even more spectacular.

From here you can walk back down to the Visitor Centre and enjoy tea and coffee made from water collected inside the cavern, browse our shop where there is a selection of jewellery and ornaments made from Blue John Stone and visit the museum.

Treak Cliff bat.

Bats and Spiders

Will you see a bat today? Treak Cliff Cavern has 3 species of cave bat living amongst the stalactites, stalagmites and hidden in the cracks and dark recesses of Treak Cliff Cavern exit tunnel, are a colony of European Cave spiders, called “Orbweavers”. Read more about the Treak Cliff Cavern bats and spiders.

The "stork" at Treak Cliff.

The famous "Stork"

The Treak Cliff Cavern “Stork” was developed over hundreds of thousands of years. In time the shape will change but not in our lifetimes – so there’s no rush!

The "stork" at Treak Cliff.

Aladdin's Cave

Aladdin’s cave which features remarkable, multi-coloured flowstone.

Spectacular views

View of castleton

Prices of Admission 2021

Credit cards accepted (no fee)

Your private Self-guided Audio Tour (using your own Smartphone) lasts approx 50 minutes. Timed Entry slots every 10 minutes for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 people per slot, this will allow you and your group to enjoy your visit in a Covid safe, Socially Distanced way. 

General prices per person

Adults (including seniors) — £13.00 
Young person (16 & 17  yrs) — £10.50
Children (5 to 15 yrs) — £7.50
Under 5's are free

Early bird admissions

Adults (including seniors) — £11.00 
Young person (16 & 17  yrs) — £7.00
Children (5 to 15 yrs) — £5.00
Under 5's are free


Primary — £6.00 / child
Secondary — £6.50 / child
Sixth Form — £8.50 / student
College / University — £10.00 / student

1 free teacher / helper admission with every 10 students
additional adults £5.00 each

For more information about school visits including teachers' resources and risk assessment please see the main Schools Page.

Special Events

For admission to special events such as the Carols By Candlelight please see our News and Events page

Please note: we will be doing something Christmas-related this year. Please look out for news when available

Opening Times

March 1st to October 31st: 9.00am – 5.00pm
The last cavern admission is at 4.00pm. We recommend that you arrive by around 3.45pm.
Because the tour finishes at the same time as the Cavern closes for the day we suggest that visitors arrive roughly 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the last tour if they would like to take advantage of the gift shop, museum and visitor centre facilities. 

The Cafe On The Cliff is open for takeaway only everyday throughout the summer holidays, Mon/Tues 10:30-3pm, Wed-Sun 9am-4pm, outdoor seating available with beautiful views over the Hope Valley. 

Early bird cavern admissions are at 9.10am, 9.20am, 9.30am, 9.40am, 9.50am.
Please note: these admissions have a 20% discount, if you are late for your slot then we will endeavour to get you in to the cavern on the next available slot, although patrons will be expected to pay the full admission price.

November 1st to February 29th: 10.00am – 4.00pm
The last tour is at 3.00pm.

The Cavern is closed on Christmas Day.

We are open on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day from 12.00 noon til 4.00pm on both days (last admission is at 3.30pm).


 General Tour Information

Cavern Visits

Due to the current government Covid safety guidelines, tours of Treak Cliff Cavern are currently self guided, using a phone app (with our very own Vicky Turner as narrator). You can find the app and all information on the booking page. We have staff on hand both in and out of the cave to help with any questions you may have.

Please try to arrive on time, if you are late for your appointed time slot, we will endeavor to get you in to the cave on the next available slot.

Please note: Our toilets are open to customers with Cavern Entrance tickets only

Early bird admissions are at 9.10am, 9.20am, 9.30am, 9.40am, 9.50am.. These admissions have a 20% discount, if you are late for your slot then we will try to get you in to the cavern on the next available slot, although visitors will be expected to pay the full admission price.

For a full refund you must cancel at least 7 days before the activity is scheduled to start or no refund may be given. Refunds will not be given for missed tours or exiting the cavern early. 

Clothing and footwear

The underground temperature is a constant 10°C (50°F) all year round so we advise that you wear suitable clothing. The cavern floor is constantly wet due to the natural underground environment; therefore suitable footwear must be worn within the underground area. Please be aware that the most ‘sensible’ footwear can cause an individual to slip.


Due to the natural contours of the hillside above and below ground, the cavern is not suitable for wheelchairs. Walking disabled can be accommodated. Please phone 01433 620571 or email us for further information to see how we can help. Our Risk Assessment also provides more detailed information.


Dogs are welcome but they must be kept on a lead.

Risk Assessment

A detailed assessment of the cavern can be downloaded from the link below.
Treak Cliff Cavern Risk Assessment.


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