Have a quick look round Treak Cliff Cavern! Please click the thumbnails the enlarge the photos.

Below the picture gallery there are also some videos spanning over 55 years of Treak Cliff Cavern’s history.


Here are some videos ranging from vintage 1960s newsreel report to high-tech scanning.

Pathé Newsreel (1963)

Fascinating old footage from over half a century ago!


John Craven visits Treak Cliff Cavern to find out about the rediscovery of the “Lost Vein”.

Unseen Treak

From our Facebook page and showing areas inaccessible to the general public along with spectacular drone footage of our location.

Rory Bremner’s Great British Views

Treak Cliff Cavern mine manager Gary Ridley outlines the mining process to Rory Bremner.

Treak Cliff Caverns HD Tour

An interesting and unusual insight to the structure of the caves. Also used as the basis for the 3D model we have in the visitor centre.

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