Free-form carved Blue John – Ridley Vein – FFBJ5


A hand-polished free-form carving of Blue John Stone is from the newly discovered ‘Ridley Vein’, mined at Treak Cliff Cavern by miner Gary Ridley.


This beautiful, hand-carved piece of Blue John was produced in our workshop at Treak Cliff Cavern.

It has been cut and carved by our craftsman, Andrew Elliot, to bring out the natural beauty of the Blue John, providing a more contemporary alternative to 18th and 19th century ornaments.

This particular Blue John Stone is from the recently discovered ‘Ridley Vein’, found in Treak Cliff Cavern  and mined by Blue John miner Gary Ridley at Treak Cliff Cavern.

It has rough dimensions of 70mm x 50mm x 45mm

It has been signed on the base by the craftsman and comes with a certificate.

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